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Quartz is a mineral that is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth's crust. It is a hard, crystalline form of silica (silicon dioxide) and has a wide range of uses due to its physical and chemical properties.
Pure quartz is colorless and transparent, but it can also occur in various colors depending on the presence of impurities. Some common colors of quartz include white, gray, brown, yellow, pink, and purple. Quartz crystals have a hexagonal crystal structure and exhibit a conchoidal fracture, meaning they break into curved, shell-like shapes.
One of the notable properties of quartz is its hardness, ranking 7 on the Mohs scale. This makes it a durable and scratch-resistant material. Quartz also has a high resistance to heat, chemicals, and environmental factors, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Quartz is widely used in the production of engineered stone, such as quartz countertops. These countertops are made by combining crushed quartz with resins and pigments to create a strong and non-porous surface. Engineered quartz offers a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, making it a popular choice in kitchens, bathrooms, and other surfaces.
In addition to countertops, quartz is utilized in the production of glass, ceramics, electronics, and various industrial applications. It is also prized as a gemstone and is commonly used in jewelry.
Overall, quartz is a versatile mineral with desirable properties such as hardness, durability, and resistance to heat and chemicals. Its wide availability and range of applications make it an important material in various industries.

Alaska Bianca

Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Lusso

Calacatta Grigio

Statuario Grigio

Statuario Venato

Torrano Gold

Torrano Grey

Torrano Perla

Brillo Branco

Brillo Gris

Brillo Noir

Branco Cinzento

Glitter Branco

Glitter Noir

Ice Branco

Ice Gris

Ice Mix

Super White

Alba Via

Black Gold Veins

Calacatta Miranda

Calacatta Sueste



Elegant Grey


Gulf Emprador

Star Black

Star lvory

Arte Black

Horzion Ston

Leeds Grey

Laos Gold

Vivara Noir

Vivara Blanco

Roma Black

Cairo Black

Cairo Silver Silk

Cairo Grey Silk

Plantino Gris Noir

Plantino Gris Ouartz


Alpina White

Arcilla Red

Arden Blue

Ariel Tabla

Bianco Rivers

Blanco Maple

Blanco Stellar

Blanco Zeus

Blanco Zeus

Brass Relish

Cala Blue

Camden Detalle

Cemento Spa

Cincel Grey

Cinder Craze

Concrete Pulse

Coral Clay

Corktown Detalle

Desert Silver

Eternal Calacatta Gold

Eternal Charcoal Soastone

Eternal Marquina

Ethereal Noctis

Ethereal Haze

Eternal Noir

Eternal Pearl Jasmine

Eternal Serena

Grey Stellar

Eternal Statuario

Ethereal Druk

Ethereal Glow

Grix Expo


Iconic White





Miami Vena

Lime Delight

Silestone Gris

Silstone Desert Silver

Silstone Cincel Grey

silestone Cala Blue

Silstone Blanco Stellar

Silstone Alumino Nube

Seaport Detalle

Posidonia Green

Poble Nou Dettalle

Nolita Detalle

Miami White





Agger Grey

Pure White


Jet Black

Fresh Concrete

Raw Concrete

Topus Concrete

Cloudburst Concrete


Rugged Concrete

Airy Concrete



Misty Carrera

Organic White

Frozen Terra

London Grey

Piatra Grey

Statuario Maximus

Vanilla Noir

Aterra Blanca

Empira Black


Calacatta Nuva

Symphony Grey


Frosty Carrina

Empira White

White Attica


Noble Grey

Black Tempal


Intense White

Bianco Drift

Moorland Fog

Georgian Bluffs

Georgian Bluffs

Ocean Foam

Wood Lands